ATP-CTP Course | Sanders Flight Training Center

Simulator Training Conducted by Sanders Flight Training Center Instructors at the FedEx Air Operations Training Center

The Sanders Flight Training Center (SFTC) Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP) was certified in 2022 under SFTC's part 141 pilot school certificate. The academic portion of the course will be conducted by SFTC Instructors onsite at Sanders Aviation in Jasper AL.  Upon completion of academic training, students will travel for simulator training at the FedEx Air Operations Training Center (AOTC) in Memphis TN. During simulator training students will experience hands on training in the world's most sophisticated full motion flight simulators. This immersion provides our students with ample opportunities to network and observe the inner workings of part 121 air carrier operations. All SFTC Instructors for this course are either current major airline Captains and First Officers or retired major airline Captains equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your success. Upon completion of training, you will be eligible to complete your ATP (ATM) Written Exam and progress to your follow on ATP practical preparation and check ride back at Sanders Aviation in Jasper AL.

  • Days 1-4

    Academic Training

    Your academic training will take place at Sanders Flight Training Center in Jasper AL.  An SFTC Instructor will guide you through 30 hours of ground training covering topics such as Aerodynamics, Meteorology, Air Carrier Operations, and Leadership and professional development.

  • Days 5-9

    Flight Simulator Training

    Upon completion of your ground training you will complete the required 10 hours of flight training in a Full Motion Level D Flight Simulator (FFS 10hrs). During these events you will have the opportunity to practice normal flight ops as well as upset recoveries using the techniques and procedures used in part 121 air carrier operations.

  • Days 9-10

    The Written Test and Graduation

    With simulator training complete you will return to Sanders Aviation, receive a graduation certificate, and take your FAA ATM written knowledge test.  The Shepherd Air test preparation materials provided as part of our course and our easy to schedule on-site PSI testing center will ensure you are set up for success.  Additionally, those students choosing to complete their ATP Practical Training will immediately begin flying in order to maximize training while minimizing time away from home.


  • 30 hours of classroom academics
  • Career transition planning and market insights
  • Catered lunch on academic days
  • Coffee and pastries Available
  • Student social events
  • 10 hours of full flight simulator instruction with pre/post briefings
  • ATM Knowledge Test preparation materials
  • FAA Certified Testing Center available onsite
  • Onsite lodging available when reserved at the time of booking