Commercial Multi-Engine Course

A Part 141 Certified Course, VA Approved, Accelerated Training

Are you ready to take your professional flying career to the next level? As a nationwide leader in multi-engine flight training, Sanders Flight Training Center multi-engine courses are delivered in a highly efficient manner and have been continuously refined over our company's history in order to deliver exceptional results.  The comprehensive ground instruction of this course will cover a myriad of topics to include multi-engine aerodynamics, aircraft systems, weight and balance, performance data, emergency procedures and flight characteristics with one engine inoperative. The flight training portion will focus on multi-engine procedures, engine-out operations, and more to ensure you are fully prepared for your practical test. Whether you are a military aviator in transition or a commercial pilot seeking that next career milestone, this course is delivered in an accelerated manner with 99% of our students achieving their multi-engine rating in less than 2 weeks. Allow our instructors and staff to exceed your training expectations while gaining the skills and confidence necessary to operate complex, multi-engine aircraft with precision and safety.

Multi Engine Flight Training

What's Included?

  • 6 hours of instructor facilitated ground training covering all required topics
  • 15 hours of dual flight instruction in a Beechcraft Travel Air
    • 4 hours of cross country flight training
  • Unlimited use of our Red Bird TD2 BATD Flight Training Device fo
  • Cessna Flight Trainining System Course with lifetime updates

Training Cost


Training in addition to our included items will be billed at our standard rate/hr.

Multi-engine practical test cost is not included for this course

Eligibility Requirements

  • Posess at least a Commercial Singe Engine Land Pilot Certificate
  • Meet FAA Medical Requirements
  • VA requires students using VA benefits to have at least a 2nd Class Medical
  • US Citizen with proof of citizenship
  • At least 17 years of age

The Sanders Advantage

Career Oriented Training

Our Instructors and staff are dedicated to helping you achieve your aviation career goals as quickly as possible through proactive scheduling, personalized instruction, and a training plan that meets your needs both on and off the flight line. This approach will lead to reduced time to train and ensure that your investment is efficiently used in order to maximize your training.

Fleet Standardization

Our large fleet of Beechcraft twin engine aircraft are fully standardized with state of the art Garmin avionics in order reduce pilot workload while maximizing situational awareness. Additionally we have optimized our fleet size to ensure we have the aircraft available to meet the operational demands of our accelerated schedule.  Spare aircraft are available to ensure we achieve your training goals without delay.

Dedicated Aircraft Maintenance

Student safety is at the forefront of our focus. Our dedicated team of aircraft maintenance professionals including both IA and A&P Mechanics have over 20 years of aviation maintenance experience. This experienced combined with our digital tracking of aircraft compliance items and aircraft discrepancies ensures that you will spend more time in the air and less time on the ground.

Ready to Take Flight?

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