Commercial Multi Engine

Added Rating

A Part 141 Certified Course

Earn your Multi Engine Pilot Certificate in as little as 2 weeks

In order to fly for compensation or hire, a pilot must obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate.  During your commercial pilot training you will return to the basic rigors of flying, building a significant amount of solo flight time in addition to the required dual flight instruction. The Sanders Flight Training Center Commercial Pilot Course is a Certified FAA Part 141 Training Course which ensures your experience will be structured, efficient, accountable, and fun!  Full-time student pilots immersed in the Sanders Flight Training Center Commercial Rating Course can earn their Commercial Pilot Certificate in as little as 2 weeks.

Course Breakdown

  • 6 hours of ground instruction covering all required topics
  • 15 hours of Dual Flight Training
  • Up to 9 hours of pre and post flight ground instruction
  • Cessna Commercial Pilot Study Kit*
  • FAA Knowledge Test Preparation*
  • End of course career consultation with a Military or Major Airline Pilot*

TOTAL COST: $8,325

Prices do not include designated pilot examiner, check ride rental

Eligibility Requirements

  • Airplane Single Engine Land Commercial Pilot Rating
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Meet FAA Medical Requirements
  • US Citizen with proof of citizenship

Pilot Training Request Form

ATP Practical Course requires a 4 day commitment.
Every attempt will be made to accommodate your primary date request; however, please include an alternate date that you would be able to begin training.
In the event we are unable to accommodate your requested start date, and you wish to be placed on our short notice waitlist please check the applicable box.
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