• 24/7 Lobby & Planning
  • 24/7 Self-Serve Fuel
  • Covered Fueling Island
  • 100LL & Jet A
  • Fuel Truck with Jet A+(Prist)**
  • Single Point and Overwing Fueling

FBO Lobby

  • Overnight Hangars*
  • Courtesy Transportation**
  • Rental Car Availability**
  • Complimentary Coffee & Tea
  • Vending & Restrooms
  • Internet Access / WIFI

Sanders Aviation Fuel Services

  • Nitrogen Service
  • Oxygen Service
  • A&P/IA Available
  • Pilot Snooze Room
  • Conference Room
  • Satellite TV

If you are desiring a full service experience please fill out the FBO Services Request below so we may anticipate your arrival.

*Hangar space offered on basis of availability. Please call ahead to make overnight hangar arrangements

**Lobby may be unattended. Please fill out the form our call ahead for after hours and special services assistance.


FBO Services Request
Please check all that apply

From the owner

“It was 1973 and I was changing tires at my Dad’s service station when an F-4 Phantom flew overhead on a low level. From that moment, the course of my life was set to become an aviator. Eventually, I was flying low and fast over Dad’s service station in an F-4 Phantom. Today, I owe everything I have to aviation.


I met my wife; a licensed pilot, through aviation and both of my daughters soloed their grandfather’s Cessna 172 on their 16th birthdays and are now married to F/A-18 pilots. My best friends are fellow aviators, whether we were deployed together, race planes at Reno together, or fly air shows together; aviation is an unbreakable bond between us.


As I get older, I feel as though my goal now is to give back to others and help them reach their full potential through aviation. I have been blessed beyond measure and it gives me great joy to put everything I have earned back into aviation.  My door is always open at Sanders Aviation.” – Gordo Sanders